Flash Mint (WETH10) Intergration

Hi Furucombo,

I would like to request the integration of Flash Mint (WETH10), fWETH into Furucombo as an alternative to AAVE Flashloan. This would give users the ability to mint fWETH without fees to use for providing liquidity for Arbitrage opportunities, Asset Swaps, Provide liquidity on Balancer Smart Pools, ability to obtain collateral such as MATIC etc. The possibilities are endless.

Documentation : GitHub - WETH10/WETH10: revamped contract

Article : https://blog.openzeppelin.com/flash-mintable-asset-backed-tokens/



Hi Daniel,

Glad to see you here!

Flash mint is really cool and we did some research on that as well.

As for the WETH10, the last time we checked in found that most projects are still using WETH9. Do you know if that changes? Cause if that’s still the case, thinking that not much new use case could be created on Furucombo with the WETH10 at the moment.

I Don’t know if that has changed as of yet. I will be keeping an eye on it too see if it does though


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