New User Questions and API service

Hi all, i am new to FURUCOME world. Just luckily, explored your service, and really like it. i think you guys on the right track to help traders building trading strategy using such kind of easy drag and put mode.

i will spend more time on your tool in the near future to learn everything i can.

quick question here, for the trading strategy being setup, is there any way to save it ? is there any API service can be provided to call the trading strategy being setup, so i can use another engine to monitor the market data and call the strategy, if there is any hedge opportunity ?

Is there any gas fee estimation can be provided at real time, based on the price movement as API service ?

thx. and good job team. i really like your product.

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Thank you for those kind words :wink:

Currently, on the Furucombo X Ethereum environment, you can use the “share” button under the “send” button to get the shortcut to your strategy and save it for later use.

We are working on the same feature for Furucombo X Polygon environment.

As for the api service, we don’t have it at the moment.

Thanks for feedback. I will try my RPA engine to trigger the strategy, if the timing is correct.

That’s cool, i remember that some discord members discussed that in the developer channel as well.

i made an arbitrage combo, it should profitable without the gas fee, so when I increased the flasloan volume to cover the gas fee, it started to loose, why ?

That’s because a higher amount may trigger slippage easily among dex.