Tokenomics Discussion

We were very excited to recently release the information around our Tokenomics, which can be found here. We would love to get some additional feedback from our users or members of the community on what they think of the tokenomics release.

We also recently created the tokenomics channel in discord for discussion, but it can get a little difficult with the format. This will allow members of the community to formulate longer opinions and ideas around the tokenomics.

Some questions to get the discussion started are:

  1. What are your general thoughts on the tokenomics release?
  2. Are there any important details that are missing that you would like to see?
  3. Do COMBO holders feel that this is a good step towards decentralized governance of the platform?
  4. Do users feel like this is a good start to build on for the long-term growth of the platform and COMBO token?
  5. Any other thoughts or suggestions for implementation?

Also please give some feedback on our poll to give us more of an idea on what you think of our release! Thanks for your input.

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best, how happy are you with the Tokenomics release?
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